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Bitcoin sprint $ 10,000 mark, "Life Big Bang" will bring 12.6 million viewers

This week, skyrocketing Bitcoin will make its debut in the big hot drama Big Bang, which will be aired on November 30, 2017. Even more surprising is that the latest episode of "Big Bang Life" is the whole story is put on bitcoin body.

And bitcoin's relationship

Big Bang is a popular popular television sitcom launched at CBS. The show revolves around a group of geek geeks based in Pasadena, California. Today's Big Bang Big Bang has become a top television show full of engineering jokes, comic book collections, and weird memorabilia. Currently, the series has ushered in the eleventh season, and this Thursday's show, will be named "the relationship with bitcoin."

Take a bitcoin for a tiger

It is reported that this season's seventh episode will focus on Penny ex-boyfriend Zack a laptop containing bitcoin. On the show, Howard shouted, "I really can not believe that a bitcoin is worth $ 5,000," Leonard replies. "Did we not dig a few years ago?" The actors then decided to put bitcoin Spending on luxury goods, for example, Raj tells Leonard he wants to buy a tiger with his bitcoin. However, after everyone decided to remove Sheldon's investment stake, Sheldon decided to go on a turmoil.

Howard then opened the wallet in his laptop and Leonard asked, "How much is there?" "It's empty!" Howard said. In the meantime, Sheldon, who was in trouble, seems to know exactly where these funds are ...

Twelve million viewers watch this bitcoin story

There is no doubt that bitcoin enthusiasts will be very happy to see their favorite cryptocurrencies appearing in prestigious television melodramas. The current Big Bang rating has hit a new high, which means that more than 12.6 million viewers will watch this bit about bitcoin, bitcoin mining and bitcoin on Thursday, 8 PM EST Wallet comedy story.

In addition, with the popularity of bitcoin, this decentralized currency has appeared in more and more television programs over the years. For example, "proud and virtuous wife", "hacker Corps", "The Simpsons", and even "the brink of danger." And this week's forthcoming episode of "The Big Bang," even put the whole episode in Bitcoin.

It is reported that in shooting this episode "Life Big Bang", bitcoin's market price is about 5000 US dollars. Now, bitcoin's price has reached 9500 US dollars, almost doubled, its market value has exceeded 150 billion US dollars. Expected this week's "Big Bang" will give bitcoin more attention.

Do you think Bitcoin's price could reach $ 10,000 at this week's "Big Bang" broadcast? You are welcome to comment in the column to express your opinion.

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