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Bitcoin Diamond has taken place in the bitcoin network

Today, on November 24, the bitcoin network hosted the Bitcoin Diamond hard drive, initiated by a group of anonymous developers. 

A message appeared on the project's twitter that the hardcore took place on block 495866 and the new crypto currency is already supported by 28 exchanges, including OKEx, and other relatively small and little-known trading platforms. The Crypto currency is traded under the BCD ticker symbol.


On the website of the OKEx exchange on November 22, a post about the future addition of BCD to the listing of the trading platform was published and the new crypto currency was added according to the balance of bitcoin on users' wallets in the ratio 1:10 (1 BTC = 10 BCD), since the Bitcoin Diamond issue volume at ten times greater than the maximum offer of the first crypto currency.

On a little-known exchange AEX, Bitcoin Diamond's currency is trading around 0.009 BTC (just over $ 70):

The identity of Bitcoin Diamond developers is unknown, but it is known that there are only three of them: "EVEY", "007" and one more person who did not even reveal a pseudonym.

Bitcoin Diamond does not have a page on GitHub and no trading floor has previously added futures for a new fork.

According to the developers, from the first crypto currency Bitcoin Diamond differs by a tenfold increase in the maximum amount of emission, the block size of 8 MB, and also by another mining algorithm (optimized X13, designed for GPU). Also on the project site it is indicated that in Bitcoin Diamond is implemented protection against replay and support for SegWit.
The developers promise to soon publish the code on GitHub, but in the official Telegram-channel activity is almost absent.

Due to the ban by the Chinese authorities of the ICO, many developers consider the creation of bitcoin forks as a new model of raising funds , using the fame of the original bitcoin and the desire of its holders to obtain the appropriate number of new coins.

APDATE: The OKEx exchange will start trading in a new crypto currency on November 25.

In the meantime, at the AEX cryptographic exchange, the Bitcoin Diamond rate reached 0.014 BTC (just over $ 110).

Recall, earlier in the bitcoin network, the Bitcoin Gold hardrock took place .