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Bitcoin Cash bypassed the capitalization of Ethereum. The price exceeded $ 2000

Bitcoin Cash (Bcash, BCH), created as a result of the hard currency, accelerated its growth. Over the past 24 hours, the price of the "alternative bitcoin" managed to exceed the $ 2,000 mark, and the capitalization is close to $ 40 billion.

As can be seen from the data of the Coinmarketcap service, Bitcoin Cash currently competes with Ethereum in terms of market capitalization . The volume of trading BCH is currently the highest on the market (more than $ 10 billion).

APDATE 1: The situation on the market is changing very quickly - the price of Bitcoin Cash soon after the publication of this material began a sharp correction down . Ethereum returned to second place in terms of capitalization. Also there is some recovery bitcoin.

Over the past 24 hours, BCH has grown by more than 140%, while growth continues to occur against the backdrop of a general market correction. Over the past few days, the price of the first crypto currency has been steadily declining, falling more than $ 2,000 in a few days and returning to levels below $ 6,000.

APDATE 2 : Over 40% of the total trading volume in the crypto currency market is currently accounted for by Bitcoin Cash . At the same time, the most actively traded BCH South Korean exchanges, especially Bithumb.

However, at some point this largest stock exchange in the country went offline, which, probably, was the reason for the sharp local correction of the "alternative bitcoin".


It should be noted that at the moment Bitcoin Cash extraction accounts for more than half of all hash capacities:

Bitcoin Cash is most actively mined by F2pool, Antpool, Viabtc,,,, Supernova, Bitclub and a number of unknown pools.

Along with the growth of hash-capacities aimed at mining Bitcoin Cash , the price, and with it the profitability of production of this "young crypto currency", is growing significantly.

The graph shows how literally during the last 24 hours there was a sharp jump in this indicator.

It is also worth noting that all these metamorphoses on the market occur against the background of the rapid growth of unconfirmed transactions in the bitcoin network, the number of which at some points exceeded 140 thousand:

The increase in the number of unconfirmed transactions began to be observed soon after it became known about the cancellation of the SegWit2x hardfoot . This state of affairs suggests the obvious planned attack on the network of bitcoins. Its essence is in a large number of transactions for small amounts with high system commissions. As a result, ordinary translations are moved to the end of the queue for confirmation.

In addition to slowing the operation of the bitcoin network, the accumulation of unconfirmed transactions has led to an increase in the average size of commissions. In the hope of a faster confirmation, some users assign commissions for transactions in the region of $ 15-20 and higher.