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Bitcoin broke through 9,400 U.S. dollars, only one step away from the 10,000 U.S. dollar mark

November 26 news: Well-known digital asset platform OKEx platform data show that as of now, bitcoin prices have risen above 9,000 US dollars, rose more than 6% on Thanksgiving day, set a record high. As of press today, the highest bitcoin price of 9,480 US dollars, an increase of over 8%. However, bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency to sustain its strong growth as the ether reached a record high of 480 dollars yesterday. Ethereum is currently down 2.59%, temporarily reported 458 US dollars.

Source: OKEx 
OKEx Analysts expect intraday prices to continue to run up slightly, the bottom support around the 8650 attention to the position, if the support down the long power weakened.

At the beginning of this year, Bitcoin was only above $ 1,000, and despite several roller coaster-like fluctuations, its vitality remained strong. Year-to-date, bitcoin rose more than 850%, but even more surprising is the rise of the so-called Pacific currency, not the Ming has been a blockbuster. Year to date has reached 5000%.

Source: OKEx

According to OKEx, the source said: Everyone in the cryptocurrency community they've talked to said that at the Thanksgiving dinner table all of their discussion was bitcoin, which led many of the family's relatives to open an account to buy bitcoin. I suspect that this happens to all the dinner tables. "

It appears that the optimism of the market for bitcoin and the desire to buy Thanksgiving made more investors join this big stage and directly or indirectly promoted the rise of bitcoin.

Earlier, OKEx has repeatedly mentioned in the article, with the bitcoin investment heat diminished, the world's largest futures exchange Chicago Mercantile Exchange plans to launch in the second week of December bitcoin futures. The advent of derivatives signals that Bitcoin is further becoming a legitimate asset class. Some investors began looking forward to bitcoin ETF.
In the current bitcoin transaction, the yen accounted for the absolute majority, about two-thirds of bitcoin trading through the yen. Japan also welcomed digital assets such as bitcoin and earlier licensed some digital asset trading platforms.